Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Sewing Goals

Don't worry I promise these posts will get better soon. Likely before I even have any readers. That said my big sewing goal for 2011 is to start, develop, and maintain a sewing blog so I decided it was time to jump in. Now on to the numbered list.
1) The big one mentioned above.
2) Sew at least one thing that I really want to sew per month.
3) Practice my skills. Especially heirloom sewing but really everything.
4) Post some sew alongs for patterns with questionable directions. I'm looking at you Ottobre and Mamu.
5) Work through my huge pile of unused patterns. You know the ones I just had to have, really like, but have never used.

That's if for now. There are quite a few little things that I want to do but those are the big ones. I'll get some fun pictures and with pattern reviews posted soon.

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