Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Camera Case

Sewingmamas is doing monthly challenges this year for fun and to help keep us all on our toes. I do not actually plan on doing all of them as I have no desire to make a kids art stuffy in October but I am going to do most of them. January's challenge is to sew something for yourself. Truth be told I do a good bit of sewing for myself but I've bought this camera case pdf months ago and it had never made it to the top of my to make list.

The patters is the Keyka Lou Camera Case Wristlet. I'm not much of a bag maker so while it was not super complex it did test my skills a bit. I decided to use super stiff intefacing instead of batting. I also used a KAM snap instead of hook and loop tape. Other then that I followed the pattern directions which were detailed though I had to reread a few times to figure out how/where the bottom loop went. I think that had more to do with me not being used to making bags though. If I make it again I will also probably adjust how the last piece is put on so that the turning whole will not be in the front. We'll see though.

Here's the pattern link hopefully.

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