Friday, January 28, 2011

Girly Style + Heirloom

I got the Girly Style Japanese pattern book for Christmas. It had been on my extended wish list for a while but the sizes start at a 100 cm so there was not much point until this year. I had been told that the pattern sheets were awful but I'm still not sure I was fully prepared for this. I love all the designs though so I took a deep breath and got started.
I began by lightly highlighting the pieces I needed in washable marker. I do this on fabermax patterns as well. I know some people are concerned with preserving the resale value of their patterns but I am really only concerned with making them easier for me to use. I decided on the little slip that is design S. I guess perhaps it would have made more sense to start at the beginning of the book but this little slip just spoke to me. It said "Wouldn't Emily just love me and you could practice your heirloom sewing on me too."
Just two little reminders here. One, mark the top and sides of your pieces. Otherwise I would have really messed this little project up. Two, Japanese patterns tell you what seam allowance to add and it is not the same all the way around. This one had 2cm on the top and arm wholes to accommodate rolled hems but only 1cm everywhere else.
Here's the finished product. Once I got the front done it went together pretty easily. I use etredeux between the skirt and bodice and french seams everywhere else. Other then that I followed the directions.
Here's a picture of the scalloped edge that I can make using my machine. I grumbled the whole time I cut out the bottom but I love how it looks.
I've been practicing my heirloom sewing lately. I want to make an heirloom Easter dress for Emily and I'm a little nervous about it. Its not really that these techniques are super hard but the devil is decidedly in the details. Anyways, here we have corded pin tucks, lace insersions, puffing, and some fancy machine stitches.
Overall it is a touch big. It looked a bit big in the book too though and since it doesn't have any type of closure I think it probably needs to be. I think we will end up using it as a nightgown this summer. I will also consider making the straps snap or button in the back next time so that it can be a bit more fitted.
Can't wait to try more patterns from this book just the same.

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