Sunday, January 23, 2011

Peacock Shirt

Emily told me she wanted this outfit while I was looking at the Otto 1/11 preview. It was fun to put together especially since it came completely from my stash. I used the 98 width with no add side seam allowances and the 104 length plus an extra 2 inches on the bottom for the top. The skirt started at a 104 so I traced it then removed 2 inches from all the pieces but kept the length. I also took pictures of the process so here is a breakdown of how I put this outfit together. Sometimes I followed directions sometimes not.

I traced the bird onto fusible webbing, cut it out, and ironed it onto the shirt front. Then I put a bird sized rectangle of light weight fusible interfacing on the back. I did a small tight zig-zag around the bird. I did not use fray check because I was using knit fabric but would recommend it if you use a woven. I decided to do the rest of the bird by hand.

From this point I'll just give you a numbered list.
1) Sew rolled hems on pieces 5 and 6. I recommend labeling them as well.
2) Sew piece 6 to piece 3 on the line. Sew right sides together then flip the frill down and topstitch to enclose the seam.

3) Attach piece 7 to the bottom of piece 3 right sides together.
4)Attach piece 5 to the bottom of piece 2 right sided together.
5)Sew piece 2 to piece 3 right sided together. Piece 5 should be sandwiched between pieces 2 and 3.
6)Baste the sides of the ruffles to the sides of the back so that it will be easier to sew the side seams later.

7)Sew the shoulder seams.
8) Bind the neck line. I used a piece of cotton lycra that was 80% of the neck length and 2 inches wide.
9) Gather the sleeve puffs and sew the arms in the flat.
10) Iron the arm whole seams pointing in and topstitch.

11) Sew the side seams and hem the bottom.

This skirt is super easy. I choose to leave off the drawstring. I sewed the side seams on all three pieces, gathered the bottom two pieces together, sewed them to the top piece, and then added elastic to the top. I did rolled hems because I used knit fabric.
Finally we tried for some modeling shots. Can you tell it was cold outside. She did her best but we just couldn't stay out long. I do see more of these in our future. The skirt reminds me of the Hanna knit skirts and I love the top. Probably with a different design on the front in the future. My only complaint is that this looks like more of a big girl outfit to me and as her mama I'm not quite ready for that yet.


  1. What a cute little gal.

    Both the skirt and the top are wonderful - great job on the peacock details.

  2. Lovely top and skirt! Thank you for all the pictures of your process.