Friday, January 21, 2011

Ruffle Scant

Emily really only likes to wear dresses and skirts. Mostly I'm supportive of this but it is winter and while its not super cold here its still pretty cold. There are lots of patterns out there for ruffle pants and for scort type things but this is my take on combining the two.

I started with a simple pants pattern that I knew fit my daughter pretty well. I used design 13 from otto 2010 without the pockets. First I removed the hem allowance from the bottom. Then I decided to make my pants ruffles 3in long so I cut 2.5in from the bottom of the pattern and then cut another 2.5in above that for the upper ruffle. I also removed 1in from the top because I put the elastic casing between the skirt and pants. Measure the width at these points and multiply by 1.5 to get the length of your ruffle strips. Mine were 18in long by 3.5in wide.

For the skirt measure the front times 2 minus you seam allowance for the front upper skirt then do the same for the back. My front was 12in and the back was 12.5. Then multiply those numbers by 1.5 to get the lower tier measurements. Mark the front and back pieces so that you don't get them mixed up.

Sew the front and back skirt pieces together to make two circles.

Run two lines of gather between the side seams on both the front and back. I prefer doing it this way to gathering all the way around.

Pin the tiers together right sides together at the side seams and pull the lower tier in. You will have to evenly distribute your gathers. Then sew the tiers together and set the skirt aside.

Now sew the bottom part of the pants together. Make sure to sew front to back. I label the front and back.

Then gather the bottom ruffle, sew it to the pants bottom, and then sew the side seam. Sew the upper part of the pants the same way, add the ruffle, then sew the side seam.

Sandwich the upper ruffle between the right sides of the pants upper and lower part and sew together as seen above.

Sew the crotch seam and your pants should look like this.
Pin the right side of the skirt to the wrong side of the pants and sew them together.

I wanted a paper bag look so I topstitched the upper seam and then sewed around again about 1in down leaving an opening in the back to insert the elastic.

Now the finished product. They look a touch long barefoot but are just right with her sneakers. All of my ruffles have a rolled hem at the bottom. I made the shirt a while ago. It is from Sewing Clothes Kids Love.

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