Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vintage Check Play Dress

This is the first of the four vintage patterns that I would like to do for spring. Boy am I glad I had promised people I would make it because when I opened the envelope it was missing 3 pieces. I was tempted to just say oh well and throw it away but a promise is a promise plus I really liked the style.

So I did my best to recreate the front bodice piece using the back bodice and front facing as a guide. I also took about an inch out of the overall width because Emily has a 19in chest and a size 2 is for a 21in chest.

I added 5in to the length. While I like vintage styles Emily does not like bloomers and this dress would have been indecent otherwise. So I added 2in to the bodice at the lengthen line and 3in to the skirt. The above picture is of me checking the length before sewing the skirt on.

Here are some shots of the dress and a few modeling pictures. I'm not sure this style is great for the toddler body type but I think she is so cute tummy and all. Sorry that the modeling shots are great but we had ice here this week and while I was willing to risk life and limb or at least ankle and butt to get a well light picture it was too cold to taker her out in the dress. I think it will be great this summer with little white sun and sand sandals though. Maybe I'll post some better modeling shots then

I don't think I will be making this pattern again. So if anyone wants it let me know I'll send it to you ffs. I do plan on doing one of the other three vintage ones soon though if anyone would like to check out the older post and cast their vote. I'm also going to do a sew a long post for the peacock shirt in the latest otto.

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