Thursday, February 10, 2011

Clover Top + Heather Ross

This is the Clover Top from otto 1/2011 made from the lovely bit of Far Far Away unicorn fabric that I got from the Heather Ross studio sale. It is a 98 width wit 104 length plus a little extra. I did a few things differently from the directions on this one so here's how I did it.
1) No picture of this but I put about 2in of interfacing on each back placket piece so that I would not have to worry about my KAM snap ripping my fabric.
2) Gather the lower front between the arrows with a basting stitch. Pin to upper front piece while gathering to fit. Sew the pieces together. Iron seam toward upper piece and top stitch.
It should look like this. Then I went ahead and basted my lace to the front neck line bc I only had enough left for the front and wanted the ends to be caught in the sholder seams.

3) I decided to do a bound placket in the back instead of following the directions. I think it gives a more finished look. I tried to take pictures of the exact way I did it but you may want to check out these directions as well.

Cut a 2in wide stripe of fabric. Then cut a slit in the back of your shirt. Sew it onto the back of your shirt with right sides together and shirt on top so that it looks like the following picture.

Fold the strip over twice so that both raw edges are concealed and top stitch from the back like it the following picture.

I like to sew diagonally across the placket corner to help things lay properly. You can sort of see it in this picture.

4) Mark where the placket should fold over on your top back pieces. Then gather the bottom back piece only to this line.
5) Fold a 0.5in in on each back placket piece. Then fold the whole piece over the bottom pieces so that the bottom piece is sandwiched between the placket pieces like it the following picture and sew them together. Iron seams up and top stitch.

6) Gather the sleeve caps between the arrows using a basting stitch. Pin the sleeve into the whole distributing the gathers so that it fits. Sew the seam.

7) I decided to do my armhole elastic in the flat. Finish the end of the arm hole with a serger or zigzag stitch. Mark the elastic. I started a few inches in to give me something to hold onto. For my this size it was 24cm. Carefully sew the elastic to the sleeve stretching it so that the entire sleeve is between your start and stop mark.

8) Sew and finish the side seams. Then flip the arm elastic over and sew just on the inside of the elastic to cover the elastic.
9) I used picot elastic for my bottom edge bc I thought it would be cute. Sew the elastic into a circle. Baste it to the bottom of the shirt. Disengage the serger blade and serge around the bottom of the shirt.

10) Bind the neckline. Fold the neck binding a little bit over each placket just like in the picture below with right sides together. Sew it down. When you pull it up the edges will look nice bc the raw ends will not show. Then turn the binding down and under so that both raw edges are covered. Stitch in the ditch from the outside making sure to catch the binding on the inside. I like to pin all of these steps to be sure everything comes together nicely.

Wow that's a lot of words. Hope its helpful though. Here's the finished product. I'll have to make a skirt to go with it bc Emily still does not wear pants.

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  1. Super cute!! Thanks for showing all the steps!