Monday, February 14, 2011

From Hanna With Love

I always look forward to the arrival of a new season's Hanna Anderson catalog. Not so much for shopping though their kid's clothing is high quality and I'd be lying if I said we never bought any. No, what I enjoy most is picking some cute little dresses that I can recreate in my own way. This year the Waterfall Dress really caught my eye. Both because it is a nice twist on a simple knit play dress and because it is really just a lengthened t-shirt with ruffles.

I found two red boy's t-shirts on sale for $1 each so I decided to upcycle this dress for Valentines Day. This worked out well too because it gave me a chance to play along with Project Run and Play last week. I'd probably get eliminated right away if I were in the contest but its still fun to play along for a week.
I started by carefully removing the neck ribbing with my stitch ripper so that I could use it on the dress.

Then I used the back of an otto tunic patter to get the basic shape. I used my big clear ruler to make the a line a little less wide so that it would fit on my shirt. A tee pattern would work for this to you would just use your ruler to make it a bit more of an a line in the same way. I used the back to cut the front just making the neck line a bit lower.
I cut the sleeve so that I could use the hem from the tee.
I cut strips horizontally across the bottom of the other shirt then cut the side seams out making 6 strips.
Next, I used my overlock stitch to make the edges scallop. I did this by pulling the strips so the edges rolled and sewing so that the overlock went right over the edge. Your blind hem stitch should work here too. Technically the fabric is wrong side out but its much easier to let this kind of jersey roll in the direction it wants to when possible. Then I gathered them with my gathering foot.
I pinned the strips like this. I wanted the tops to be closed into the seams and neck binding. This would also be a great place to use wounder tape but I couldn't find mine.

This is what the shoulder seams look like.

I didn't want the outer most ruffle to get caught when I put the sleeves in so I had to pin them out of the way. Don't put them through your serger like this though and be careful when you use your sewing machine.

This is my finished product. The hearts around the edges are a stitch my machine does. I've been trying to remember that I have decorative stitches lately.

Emily wore this to school on Thursday when her class had their party. Their was just a little bit of snow on the ground so she had a great time doing the outdoor pictures.

Hope you like it. I've really got to get going on our handmade Easter so I may not do as many of these for the next month or so. I'll give you updates on the Easter stuff though and probably at least one more tut. There are so many things that I want to do. To bad they all take time. If you have a request though feel free to let me know I'd love some suggestions.

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