Sunday, February 6, 2011

Girly Style I Their Way

This is my second attempt at a patter from the Japanese sewing book Girly Style. While this pattern is more detailed then the first pattern I made I found the drawing easy to follow and it went together nicely (not quickly) nicely. This dress is made from a two layer Gap skirt that I loved when I was heavier but threatened to fall off now that I'm smaller.

Since this was my first run through I mostly followed the directions exactly which included binding the neck and arms. Here is a step by step of the process though in the name of honesty I will tell you that I plan to fully line the bodice next time as this was pretty flitzy.

1) Interface the back plackets if like me you plan to use Kam snaps or make button holes.

2) Sew the shoulder and side seams.
3) Put a double rolled hem on the straight side of each arm ruffle. This just means turn the edge up a tiny bit, flip it a tiny bit more to contain the raw edge, and then top stitch. I lay mine on the ironing board like they are in the picture so that I am sure to make one for each arm.

4) Gather your ruffles on the curved side and pin them to the bodice right sides together. (for gathering directions check out the ruffle scant tutorial)

5) Fold up a 0.5 cm hem on one short hem of each arm bias strip. Pin the strip around the armhole of the bodice right sides together with the ruffle sandwiched in the middle. Sew around the arm whole.

6) Trim the strip if it is too wide. Tuck the strip around the raw edges and fold to the back. I pin this in place. You should not be able to see the bias strip from the font of the dress. Keep it narrow and top stitch from the back.

7) This is what it should look like.

8)Bind the neckline. This is done almost the same way as the arms. The only difference is that the bias band should show. To accomplish this after sewing it on right sides together fold it up over the seam allowance tucking the raw edge under so that it comes just past the line of stitching. Then stitch in the ditch around the neck.

9) I just used the fancy print skirt. Just sew the side seams, gather the skirt, and sew it to the bodice right sides together.

Now check the twirl power of this one. I used the full skirt from a twirly XL adult skirt. Emily was so pleased that she wore it the rest of the day even though I hadn't cut the strings off yet. It was also really cold but oh well sometimes one must suffer for fashion I guess.


  1. Is Girly Style a Japanese pattern book? I've yet to try one of those, but I like your dress. Very cute!

  2. It is. The pattern sheet looks pretty wild but there are drawings and diagrams to help you though each design. I'll be doing some more of them as well. Thanks for you comment:)