Friday, February 18, 2011

His Favorite Ever

So far this is my son's favorite thing that I have ever made him. It is his Pikachu hoodie. As he has gotten older I've found that if I want to make things for him I have to be sure I think about what he likes. This year is all about Pokemon. I saw a grown up woman's version on etsy but his is really pretty different.
I started by making the anorak from otto 1/2010 out of bright yellow fleece. This pattern runs big so I did a smaller size with added width. I also left of the pockets. The rest is just appliqued simple shapes out of knit scraps with just a touch of hand embroidery for the whites of the eyes. I also left of the tail so he could wear it to school.

I'll be honest and tell you that I kept him in Peter Pan collars and such for as long as possible and this really isn't my style. It is his though and he loves it and wears it quite often. So stay tuned for more boy sewing throughout the month.

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