Wednesday, February 2, 2011


As much as anything this post could have been called "proof that I actually sew for my son." So if your feeling sad for Elijah don't fret I've get several things in the plans for him this month. This is an Imike made from Jay McCarroll interlock and brown cotton lycra. I'd been eying this fabric for a while and finally bought a yard when my local fabric shop had an inventory reduction sale.
He's not big on getting his picture taken so this was the best we could do of the front view. He is getting big though. I had to add several inches to the body and sleeves and ended up using very close to the entire yard of main fabric. Too bad he didn't tell me he wanted cuffs till after I had added length so now the sleeves are a bit long just like he likes them. The little bugger you would think he had a plan.

This pattern is from the book "Sewing Clothes Kids Love" and I have made it more times then I remember. If I'm being honest I'm not sure its my favorite boy top pattern but now that Elijah is in a 134 in Ottobre I don't have nearly as many at the ready. I do like the book a lot though. When I first got it I thought I would try to sew threw it. I'm not there yet but as I was looking last night I am more the half way there so maybe. I also actually like all of the patterns which is a rare thing for me when it comes to a sewing book or pattern line. The only side note I will add is that I have to add length to almost off of these patterns. Its not a big deal now because I know how to do it but sometimes I really wounder where on earth they find their fit models.

Oh well enough of that here are two more examples from earlier this winter. Isn't it amazing how he is already looking older?

I'm sure it goes without saying but this one belongs to my daughter. It is the shirt she is wears with her ruffle scant.

The last week or so I've been sewing without taking sew along pictures. I will try to get one of those done in the coming weeks. It seems I have quite a few projects on that table at the moment.

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