Thursday, February 3, 2011

Old Tees

Once again dear readers I'm going to begin with a shot of honesty. I am not a huge fan of upcycling. OK, as an idea I think its great but in practice I really like having actual fabric yardage to work with. That said I do upcycle from time to time especially when I can use things I already have. In this case old t-shirts. Most of these examples are things made for my friend's daughter Beca. Beca like Emily prefers dresses. She also has a long torso so tees rarely fit her well. Keeping this in mind her mom gave me four to see what I could do with a few months ago. I got the first two done right away. The other two I just finished last week.

For this one I used some not that stretchy green knit fabric to add a drop waist band and a full skirt. The skirt is quite long because princesses wear long skirts and so does Beca.

This one has the same drop waist but with more of an a-line skirt and added long sleeves. I did rolled hems on the sleeves so that if they became too short I could add a cuff later. This is when I ran completely out of steam.

So hopefully mama doesn't mind but I decided to make the last two into undies. She thought the ones I made Emily were cute and I think these are adorable.

The shirt in this last set used to my my husbands. He loved it because it was "One of the tees from when Banana Republic was still cool and had a jeep through the window." Too bad it has been a long time since Banana Republic was cool in that way and the underarms of the shirt became yellow and holey. So when I found out it was wear camo day at camp this past summer I cut it down and made this set for my son. The shorts are Oliver and S sandbox pants shortened.

So what do you like to make with old tees? I'd love some more ideas.

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