Saturday, February 5, 2011

One Yard Wonders take 1 and 2

There are so many pretty glossy sewing books out there these days its not even funny. The sewing book is decidedly a trend as of late. Personally, I try to get a look at the entire book at the bookstore before I buy. Plus who doesn't love a solo trip to Barnes and Noble to get some coffee, sit in a big puffy chair, and almost fall asleep looking through sewing books. That my friends is how I decided to put One Yard Wonders on my Christmas list this year. While most of the projects have few pictures and limited directions there are a lot of projects in this book and they all use a yard of fabric. Most are also not patterns that I would buy individually but are things that I would like to make. So far I've made 3 things though only 2 are represented here and I have mixed feelings. It is a good book and I'm so glad I have it but I'm not sure I wold recommend it to a beginner. I say this not to be mean but because in each project I hit at least one point where I had to reread the directions several times to figure out exactly what I was supposed to do. Not exactly a problem but I could see this being frustrating for someone with less experience.

Take 1 here is the Obi Inspired Hot- Cold Pack. It is for my mother's birthday though I haven't sent it yet so I guess I'll end up being late again this year. The confusing moment for me on this one is that the pouch opens in the middle not the top. Also getting the rice into the rice pack took some doing. I ended up sitting it in a big pot and using a funnel so that I didn't make a huge mess. The end result is quite comfy though and I hope to make myself one soon. Now that I know how to put it together it will be a piece of cake to do again.

Take 2 is the Folklore Bag. I should tell you dear readers that I am not much of a bag person so I rarely make bag. That said my old bag was starting to fall apart and one of the things I liked about this book was that it had a number of bag patterns.
I didn't have the easiest time getting this put together but I think a lot of that had to do with fabric selection. I made it out of Amy Buttler Love laminate. While this is one of my favorite prints of all time I will likely never work with laminated fabric again as long as I live and sew. The bag is great though. It hold a bunch of stuff and if I remember to snap the top it stays on my shoulder. As a nonbag girl these are my two big stipulations for a bag.

Hope you like it. I wanted to show off both sides. It is unlikely that I will make this pattern again any time soon but then I probably won't think of bag making again till this one is falling apart. Then I'm likely to try one of the other cute bag patterns in this book.

I guess what my thoughts boil down to at the moment are that this is not the world's greatest sewing book but I'm quite glad that I have it. I'm also pretty sure it will earn its keep.

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