Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shoe Shirt

Its Celebration of the Boy month over at Made by Rae so I decided to play along. After all I don't just have a boy but a school age 7 almost 8 year old boy. This will also give the the chance to keep sharing some things while I am working on getting Easter sewing done around here.
My first offering is actually a trial run for his Easter shirt. It is the Oliver+S Sketchbook Shirt. I choose to do the band collar because Elijah does not like fussing with folding down collars. This is a size 8 with 3in added in length. I actually wanted a longer finished length then the size 12 but his width was a 7. I settled on an 8 because I would like for it to fit all summer and he tends to like a looser fit in his shirts. Ignore the look on his face. He does not like getting his picture taken anyways and I had interrupted his very limited video game time.
I really like the way the back of this shirt looks. I also really like that it has an actual button placket. Don't be scared though the directions were wonderful as always. That is really what makes Oliver+S patterns worth the price.
Lastly here is a picture of him in his natural environment. As soon as I snapped the second picture he asked if he could just wear the shirt till bedtime and got back to his game. He does not want to wear this one to school but is looking forward to wearing it to church this summer.

I am looking forward to sharing some of my previous boy sewing projects this month so please check back by.

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  1. " his natural enviroment." Sounds like my boy!

    The shirt looks great.