Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dress Swap Dresses

These dresses remind me of those games in Highlights where you had to look at pictures that were almost the same and point out the differences. Mostly because this is a post about 3 very similar dresses. Two of them are for the dress swap on sewing mamas and the third is for Emily.

They are all size 4 and made from the Ultimate Apron pattern from Sew Beautiful issue number 131. The fabric was all purchased at the Chez Ami tent sale last month. Ammusingly enough I bought this fabric specifically for the dress swap because I have trouble using fabric from my stash for swaps since in theory at least I bought it all with a family member in mind. Then I got the first one finished and simply had to make one for Emily as well even though it was a pain in the butt to make. 

Here is a back view of the two for the swap.  This was my first time making covered buttons.  I had planned to use light pink buttons but I could not finds any that I liked so I decided to make these instead.  I'm glad I gave them a try because they were not hard to make and I can see so many fun possibilities for them in the future.
This was the second dress.  It was easier then the first partly because I knew what I was doing and partly because I used ric rac instead of piping.  I had forgotten how much I don't like to work with piping plus I love the look of ric rac on a little girl dress.
This is the first one.  With the aforementioned piping.  Part way through the yoke of this dress I planned to never ever make this pattern again.  It looks simple enough but it was a pain to put together. I'm not even sure why so it may just have been me.  Then I saw the finished product and simply had to make one for Emily and another one for the swap.  They are not 100% perfect but hopefully the little girls who get them will love them as much as Emily loves hers.  Now enough talking here are a bunch of cute pictures of Emily playing in the back yard in hers.  I do love an old fashion little girl dress.


  1. So cute Stephanie! I have looked at this pattern in Sew Beautiful and I think I am going to make Ahnalin one for Spring. Very pretty.

  2. Absolutely adorable! I love the SB patterns but my DD likes to dress DGD in more tomboyish outfits. Dress are hard to slip into the wardrobe but this one is so cute, I may have to make it.

  3. Thank you both so much.

    Goosegirl I'm sure Ahnalin would look adorable in this style.

    Moushka I say you make one then show your dd the pictures of Emily playing in the yard in hers. Emily only wants to wear dresses but then she plays like a tomboy.