Thursday, March 17, 2011

Emily in Wounderland

Remember a few months ago when I confessed that I have some lovely vintage patters that get very little love? Well I am working on that so when no big dill announced that she was doing Once Upon a Thread month Simplicity 8279 popped into my head. Amusingly enough I was terrified by the live action movie version of Alice in Wonderland growing up. I'm pretty sure my parents spent a few nights really wishing they had never let me watch that. However, I love the story and Alice's sweet little dress.

This pattern also allowed me to complete the sewing mama's monthly challenge of trying a new skill. I tried not one but two for this little pattern. I learned how to properly install an invisible zipper and how to apply lace with my serger. The zipper I'm sure I will do again but truthfully while it is faster to put lace on this way I think I prefer doing it with my machine.

Oh how I love this dress though. I found this Alice quilter's cotton last year and just had to have it. Of course then I got it home and realized how wild it was and couldn't come up with a project. The white dot fabric came from a clearance bin at Joanns. I actually didn't have to buy anything to make this. I had everything down to the little bunny buttons in my stash.
I wanted to add a little extra detail to the bodice so I made the front bodice out of white batiste and made corded pin-tucks. The pin-tucks have dark pink and blue embroidery floss as the cording to add a touch of color.

Now here are a ridiculous number of pictures of Emily modeling the dress.  It is very short but I really didn't have enough of either fabric to lengthen it.  Plus I think little girls look cute in very short little girl dresses.  Maybe that's just because I was a little girl in the late 70s/very early 80s.

I managed to catch her mid twirly jump here.  She is so funny sometimes.  I could totally see her running off after a bunny.

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