Monday, March 21, 2011

Lucky Girl Dress

I stumbled across this adorable lucky girl tee at Target last month and thought it would be the prefect start to a nice easy upcycle for St. Patrick's day. I bought the smallest size which was a 4/5 so this year it has a totally 80s drop waist oversized vibe but I'm hoping to get to years of wear out if it. The little bit of rainbow stripe fabric came in a scrap box that I won and the green interlock is the last of a 2 yard cut for Chez Ami.
This really was super easy to do but I decided to do a little tutorial because all the circle skirt directions I have seen use string and a pivot point which is making things harder then they need to be in my opinion. Though certainly if you think that way is easier rock on!

I began by taking the bottom hem out of the tee so that I did not have to cut the picture.

Next measure the front bottom of the shirt from one side seam to the next. I'll be calling this measurement A.

Cut two waist band pieces that are A+.5in wade and about 3in long.

Then divide A by 3.14 to get the inner radius of the skirt. Will call this R.

Fold your skirt fabric in half then in half again just like in this picture.
Now measure from the point of the square distance R several times and make a dot. In my case R was 3.75.
Connect the dots to draw 1/4 of a circle.

Then measure from the circle to how ever long you want your skirt to be and make another set of dots.
Connect the dots again. Carefully cut along both lines without unfolding the fabric.

Then unfold and it should look like this.
Sew the waist band pieces together using a 1/4in seam allowance then sew the waistband to the skirt making sure to cover the holes from the original stitching.
Sew the top of the circle skirt (inner circle) to the bottom edge of the waistband with right sides together. Finish the bottom edge with a rolled hem.

Finally give the dress to the lucky little twirly girl and watch her go.

I love how this style of skirt moves when she runs, jumps, and twirls.

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  1. I really love how your engineering background comes out in this one!! Nerd alert!! Who casually uses pi? :)