Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More from 1/2011

This little skirt has been on my to sew list since I finished this little top last month. I was putting it off since it is for spring but as usual spring here is the South has snuck up on me. I've only lived here my whole life so you'd think I would know that spring starts springing on and off early here but I guess not. Maybe I'll remember next year.

Anyways, this is another Coco's Ruffle Skirt from Otto 1/2011. I choose not to do the drawstring again. I think it is going to become a tried and trusted pattern for me. It goes together quickly and easily, works with both knits and wovens, and has great twirl power. I probably should have sized this one down like the last one but oh well its still super cute.  Here are a bunch of model shots to prove that point.

She says its not her favorite but hopefully she will wear it because I love it. My only complaint is that it makes her look like a big girl.

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