Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Princesses and Butterflies

So this particular outfit began with this cute little jumper that I made Emily this fall out of my Rapunzel fabric. Its made from the Carla C pattern.
It was adorable, I loved it, so did Emily, and then a few things went wrong. First the linen blend fabric that it is made out of shrunk more even after a good prewash then the cotton liner. Then Emily got taller, the girl really is all legs these days. Finally Emily ripped one of the buttons trying to change clothes during nap one day.
All that lead me to make the jumper into the little elastic waist skirt pictured above. I just took out a little of the width so that it wouldn't be asymmetric, added an elastic waist, and put wide red poly ric-rac around the bottom. Of course a cute skirt needs a cute top which lead to this.
Orange is not my favorite color but I had Emily with me at Joanns that day and she loved this light orange butterfly fabric. The shirt is Vaahtokarkki better knows as design 15 from otto 1/2010. It is an adorable pattern that I mostly followed the directions on. There was recently a sew a long on this blog so I did not take pictures of all the steps only the one area where I did not follow directions. I had made this pattern before and feel that it runs a bit small so I made a 104 all over with no added seam allowance except for the front placket. Trust me when I say you must add them there.

Since I have been into making dress shirts lately I have totally fallen in love with the way those pattern do the shoulder yoke so that both the back seam and shoulder seams are contained. Here are some slightly blurry pictures of the process. For starters you have to cut two of the shoulder yoke pieces both on the fold.

Sandwich the back piece between the shoulder yoke pieces.
It should look like the above picture when finished
Shift all the extra fabric out of the way so that you can sandwich one of the front pieces between the two shoulder yoke pieces. Be careful of your gathers and make sure the front pieces is positioned so that the arm whole is on the outside. I find that it helps if I take a second to think about where the piece needs to be when the shirt is finished. This seems fiddly the first time but once you get it its easy I promise.

When you turn it right side out this is what the inside front seam looks like. Then just repeat the process for the other side and continue following the directions.
As you can see here Emily is quite pleased with her new outfit. I guess jumping works for modeling shots. Maybe when she's older she'll do nice still poses for me where she isn't screaming macaroni and cheese or guacamole.

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