Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rock and Rule Sleeveless Hoodie

Did you think I had totally forgotten about boy sewing month? Nope its running till March 15th so I wanted to get at least one otto what? segment done by then. 
Elijah is not much of a model but he did his best with this one.  He is a fan of both hoods and sleeveless shirts so I was super excited to find a hooded sleeveless vest pattern in a winter otto of all places.  I guess they planned on having it as a layer but quite honestly I'm lucky to get my boy in ont top and on bottom per day. Anyways, this is design 38 from otto 4/06. 
Since it was meant to go over something I made a 134 but only added seam allowances for length so that I would loose a bit of width.  The print fabric is from natural fabrics and the solids are cotton lycra purchased from spandex world.
For some reason my pictures are appearing from oldest to newest.  I didn't do complete directions this time anyways just some useful or at least hopefully useful tips for getting the look I got. 
Above is the sleeve all bound.  I did it just like a t shirt neck and almost like I do flat seam panties if you want to check that tut.
Since I wanted a lot of exposed seams I basted the waist band on wrong sides together, then serged, ironed the seam up toward the body of the shirt, and did a zig-zag stitch directly over the serged seam to hold it in place.  I wanted the look of flat-locking but do not trust that stitch on my serger as I have had trouble it popping and leading to a catastrophic seam failure before.
I used wounder tape to hold my pocket in place while I sewed it down.  One of my favorite sewing cheats.
This just shows the exposed seams on the back of the shirt.
Here I am zig zagging over the serged seam.  For the front and back I ironed the seam up towards the solid fabric.

I modified the shape of the hood slightly added about 2 inches to the front so it could overlap around the neck. The patter called for a drawstring but those are not safe on school playgrounds. This allowed me to overlap the hood at the center front.

Hope you like it and that the pictures were at least somewhat helpful. I made two of these one for Elijah and one for his best friend. I may make another one or two for the summer depending on how things go. I think it could be a fun upcycle with just the right tee.

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