Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Romantic Smocked Top

This is the flower power top from the book Designer Smocking for tots to teens.  The fabric is from an end of bolt sale at my local sewing store.  I actually finished the smocking on this top a while ago but then it sat in the sewing room waiting for me to put it together.  That tends to happen more often then I care to admit with smocked pieces. 
This was also the first time I tried real bullion roses.  I had done buds before but never full roses.  As you can see I enjoyed them so much that I made a lot of them.  They turned out to be much easier then I had ever thought they would be and actually pretty fun to make.
The back of the shirt buttons with sweet little flower buttons as do the straps. I'm glad that it buttons up the back because I could not find a size chart in the book and made a 3 width with 4 length only to find that a 3 was really quite wide for Emily. Right now I have it overlapping several inches in the back to make it work. Hopefully this means it will work for two summers.
Here she is modeling it with the skirt that she had on that day. At the moment my plan is to have her wear it with a cute little jean skirt that was handed down to her from her friend Beca. There is an adorable ruffle capri pattern with the top in the book but Emily is still unwilling to wear pants without a fight and I don't want the top to go unworn just because she thinks pants are for boys.

Now for a bit about the book itself. Can I begin by saying that I am not thrilled with it. While they are correct that there are pattern for babies to teens in it all 10 projects are not. In fact most projects only come for about 4 sizes. I also cannot find the size chart. If you know where it is please feel free to tell me how silly I am and what page its on. Thanks to Samantha the location is in the comments. The other thing to know is that the directions for most things are spread between the front of the book, the back of the book, and the pattern sheet. Not the best layout in my opinion. All that said the projects are cute and unique so I'm sure that I will be making more things from it over time. Too bad most of my favorites don't start till a size 6 or 8 so it might be a while.

Anyways, hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I have that book and am planning on making that top for next summer. I actually live near the CB store so I've seen most of the projects in the book in real life - the white dress with the jacket is to die for - totally worth making if you get around to it. The size ranges in the book are normal for AS&E - they only ever do 3-4 sizes - I guess because of magazine size restrictions. I do wish they would do more though - I would love for that top to come bigger then size 4. Having made tons of things from their magazines I guess I am used to their instruction layout. I bought their book - A-Z of Sewing for Smockers and use that instead of the instructions on the pattern sheet - much easier to deal with a small book then that large piece of paper. The size chart is on Sheet B (of the paper patterns)It's a small box that is printed inside the outline of one of the pattern pieces of Baby Bug - it's called the standard measurement chart. Your top is beautiful - I can't wait to make it myself.

  2. In the corner of the baby bug pattern hmmm. I'll be glad to have it next time but still think in the book would have been better. I've got A-Z as well and your right it is way better for directions. I haven't done anything from the magazine yet but I'm sure that its only a matter of time.

  3. This is beautiful and it looks darling on your daughter. I made this for my daughter a few years ago and she only got to wear it a couple of times because she was at the top of the size range. Seeing your beautiful version makes me want to grade it up and make another one. Your bullion roses are gorgeous! Great job- it's a beautiful outfit!

  4. It's beautiful and I love the bullion roses!