Sunday, March 27, 2011

Soccer Feliz

My friend Erin used to be a dancer and is one of those adults who still loves to take ballet bar classes. Erin has a little girl M who turned 5 this week. M loves to move to music and dance at home but has not yet found the dance class love. What M enjoys is play soccer. Last year I made M a dress for her birthday and I guess we are starting a tradition because this year I did as well. This year however I found girly soccer fabric that I simply had to buy for M. I mean really if its soccer you like you should have a soccer dress right? I also let her pick the pattern. She picked Feliz from the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love.

I even had enough fabric left to make a reversible bucket hat.
The hat is my first project from the Oliver +S book Little Things to Sew.
Not that it should come as a shock to anyone but the directions for the hat were wonderful and while a few steps were a little flitzy all in all it was fun to make. There are so many super cute projects in this little book its just not even funny and while I don't plan on making all of them I do have plans for several more in the coming months. My only advice for the hat would be to decide which side you want to be the outside most of the time and do your final step with the stitching on that side. I think that side looks just a touch better though both sides of mine are very cute.

I've probably made Feliz 6 or 7 times at this point so I have made some changes along the way. I always add length. I just think it looks cuter as a longer dress so I make them almost ankle length. This helps them fit for a year or two.
For this one I also finished the back of the under layer with my serger and then used shirring instead of an elastic casing to pull it in. This was mostly because I was almost out of elastic and did not want to have to run out and pick up more. I also merged the shoulder strap pieces into one piece and decided to have them fasten in the back with snaps rather then sewing them into the back. This was because I did not have access to M while sewing and I wanted to be able to make them shorter if needed.
I hope you like it. I don't have any model shots but Erin stops buy sometimes so if you ask she may be willing to send me some or post some over on her blog. I'm sure she would also want me to point out that she is very supportive of her daughter's love of soccer.

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  1. She loves loves LOVES it!!! Soccer AND twirl - what could be better?! If it wasn't 40 degrees today, she absolutely would have been wearing it! It fits perfectly - I love that it has a stretchy back so that it will fit for a while... I will send you some pictures to post.