Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby Bella's Dress

About a month ago my Mom told me that one of her best friends was about to be a grandmother and asked if I would do the smocking on a dress for her. I ended up doing the smocking plus all the construction except the hem. I don't like hemming and she for whatever reason doesn't mind it too much. The running joke around here is that I would say she owes me for getting it done so quickly except that she did give birth to me and tolerate my as a teenager so I'm pretty sure one dress doesn't even make us close.

Here is a closeup of the smocking.  No flowers on this one.  I felt like since it was for such a little baby I wanted as few knots on the back as possible.  I did back smock a wave stitch behind the hearts to hold the pleats in place. 
I only have one bishop dress pattern.  Truth be told I don't see why you would need more then one but that is beside the point.  This is the Ellen McCarn classic bishop pattern.  It covers sizes 3m to 4 years though it is so full and has such a long bottom hem  allowance that they all seam to fit for a while.  Emily has some 18m ones that still fit with the hem dropped all the way down to just a rolled hem.  After all the great thing about bishop dress is that if they fit around the neck they fit. 

Hope you like it.  The fabric is the same as Emily's top and I still have more.  Gotta love end of bolt sales.  No model pictures I'm afraid.  Bella isn't due to join the world for a few more weeks and even then she does not live close to me and I don't really know her parents so you'll just have to imagine a squishy little baby in the dress.  It looks like a dolly dress next to Emily's things though. 

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