Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter PJs

The pictures of my children getting into their Easter baskets last year were awful for lots of reasons many of which are out of my control. However, the fact that Elijah was topless and Emily had on a Christmas nightgown didn't help. This got me to thinking about how much I like it when we are all coordinated in the Christmas morning pictures and that my friends is something I can control.

Thus began the quest for a cute bigger boy pj pattern that if possible did not have buttons. Elijah does not care for buttons.

I ordered this pattern from Etsy. Turns out all the seams are flat felled and the placket instructions made me want to cry. They are so cute though that I'm sure I will give it a go again. Liesl if your listening I'd love it if there were an Oliver+S pattern similar to this but with directions that didn't make me want to scream.

I like the finished product though. The placket is a little wonky but you can't really tell on him. The fabric is pale yellow with frogs and lily pads. He still really likes frogs so he likes the print even though it isn't over the top.
I love this picture of them. I know they look silly but its also very much them that that you see in this picture.
Emily's nightie is the Strawberry Tunic from otto 3/08 with 10 in added. The fabric is really sweet and happens to be on sale. The only down side is it is stretchier vertically then it is horizontally. It worked well for this though.
She is a much better model then he is but I figured some action shots would still be fun. I've made several more of these nighties and am done with them for a while. I will be trying the pj's again soon though. The original owner of this pattern had left tuck pinned into the pants pattern and I like the fit of both pieces.
Hopefully I'll get some cute pictures tomorrow. I'll try to post an Easter wrap up later in the week with model shots of all of us. My dress has been done for a while and will get its own post next week I just haven't taken pictures in it yet.

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