Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Emily's Easter Dress

I've always been impressed by heirloom quality gowns. Truth be told heirloom gowns and smocked dresses are two of the main reasons that I started working on my sewing skills again after my daughter was born. Smocking I got to pretty quickly but heirloom was just too intimidating.

While many people like Samantha and the ladies at Elegant Stitches have been very supportive I ran across one local lady who made some rude comments about my ability that left me afraid to try. Isn't it funny how even amongst a lot of support one person's catty comments can put you off.

All that said I got up my nerve and took an heirloom sewing by machine class at Elegant Stitches this past fall and have been practising on nightgowns ever since. I also bought French Hand Sewing by Machine and decided to bite the bullet and make Emily and heirloom gown for Easter. I used several different laces and did all the embroidery by hand.

I wanted to do somewhat whimsical embroidery so I ordered this book. The dress has bunnies, flowers, butterflies, chicks, and lambs around the bottom all in pastel colors. Now on to a whole bunch of pictures. No model shots till after Easter though. I let her try it on but I don't want to let her wear it outside for pictures. Usually I'm not that protective of what I make but I worked on this on and off for several months.


  1. The embroidery is beautiful. I can't believe this is your first big heirloom project! You did a terrific job! I hope you will post a photo of your daughter in it after Easter.

  2. You did a gorgeous job on this dress!! I LOVE the embroidery.