Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Red

I called this Little Red because the fabric features Little Red Riding Hood picking strawberries.
The dress is the Savanni tunic from otto 3/2010 lengthened into a dress. It was one of those patterns that did nothing for me when the issue first came out. I think mostly because they used orange and brown fabric and those are not colors that I am drawn too. Then I saw one someone else had made in pink and green and simply had to make it even though it only goes up to a size 92. Good thing Emily is really a 104 in length only. I added 5 inches and am reasonably pleased with the fit though I might make some red bloomers to go with it. That is another can of worms though as she is being really difficult about bloomers and leggings over her panties these days.
The instructions for this one were particularly bad though. I had planned on taking photos to break down the process but stopped half way though when I realized that the instructions for putting the two layers together just produced something that could not be fully turned. I also could not do the cute sleeve detail because my under fabric had a front and back.

For what its worth here is what I should have done. I should have left the side seems of both layers open and sewn the arms of the under layer with the print facing down right side of arm to wrong side of body piece. Then I could have sewn the neck and sleeve ends together, turned the dress right sides out,sewn the side seems from the outer layer to half way down the lining with the right side of the outer layer together, and then flipped the seams to put the right sides of the lining together for the second half of the lining. Then hemmed both layers, finished the back placket, and done the cute flipped up sleeve detail. I didn't figure this out until I was almost done though so mine is not done this way. If I make another I will take pictures but I have too many things I want to try to make any promises.

I do like the finished product quite a lot though. As Emily has moved up into larger sizes so many of her outfits make her look like such a big girl so having a younger looking dress makes me happy. Now here are a bunch more pictures. She was being a good little model when we took these.

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