Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Market Skirt take one

I'm a huge fan of Oliver+S patterns so it should come as a surprise to no one that I was excited to hear that there was an adult line coming out. I was even more excited when I found out they were coming out through Simplicity and would be on sale for 99 cents. At that price I bought 3 of the 4 Lisette Patterns.

I decided to start with the market skirt. This one is made out of some denim that I bought to make myself a skirt last year and then never quite got to. The sizing seems pretty good to me. I cut a 16 which was actually supposed to be an inch small in the waist but fine everywhere else. I basted the main pieces together and tried it one just to be sure and liked the fit so I went from there. If anything it may be just a touch big but the fit is how I prefer to wear my skirts so I'm calling it good.

Forgive the model shot I'm just not a fan of getting my picture taken.

I followed the directions pretty closely since this was my first run at the pattern. The only thing I'm not thrilled by is that there doesn't seem to be a great way to finish the seams. I ended up just pinking most of mine. I used extra wide single fold bias tape instead of twill tape at the waist. The only change I plan on making next time will be using an invisible zipper instead of a regular one. I just think they are easier to install. At some point I may also try one with two short slits in the back and no pleats. We shall see though. I plan to make a market blouse next and then on to the portfolio tunic with lots of kids sewing sprinkled in of course.

Oh on an unrelated note I'm thinking of doing a sew a long for something in the newest otto. Any requests?

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