Monday, April 25, 2011

My Easter Dress

One of my goals this year was to make our Easter outfits except for Neil's pants. While Emily's heirloom dress was a huge challenge as was learning how to make a shirt for a fully grown man my dress was the thing I was most nervous about. I decided to participate in the Crepe dress sew a long on Gertie's New Blog For Better Sewing back in December. Three muslin later here is the finished product. Its a little too big but that is more bc I've been training for a 1/2 marathon so my body has changed yet again since the beginning of April.

The fabric was prefect for Easter. It has tiny little white bunnies hiding in the flowers. I had to be careful to delete a few pictures though bc my kids kept pointing to the one on my stomach and I was scared my in-laws would think we were trying to tell them something that we so were not.
Its hard for me to give an opinion about the pattern. I'm pleased with the finished result though its a little big. The directions were great. The style is lovely. It took 3 muslins. I had to move all the darts. I had to add to the bodice though I think I added too much. I had to take out some of the bust even though I'm a D cup. Then I had to redraft the facings. In short this pattern was not designed for my body type. It was designed for someone much curvier and bustier then I am. So I guess that is the conclusion its a great pattern just not so much for me without a lot of work. I really couldn't have gotten a wearable garment without the sew a long. Good thing Gertie is writing a book. I'll be ordering that one just for the fitting chapter.
Here's the back view.

You can see in this picture that it fits my form a bit better then me. She hasn't been training after all. Hope you like it. I'm sure it will get lots of wear this summer and if you want to make your own check out the sew a long. Also if it were me doing it again I'd fully line the bodice as the facings are a pain to deal with.


  1. Okay, there comes a point during Giveaway Day where you just have to stop yourself from reading back through previous posts and get on with Giveaway Day. I can't even use your prize since my girls are 4 and 7, but I ADORE your blog. How's that. I love how genuine you are, I love that there is another real size woman out there making clothes for herself, which is something I haven't come to terms with. I love that you want to make clothes your kids love even if you don't love them. So you will see me around in the future. Thanks for making such a completely readable and enjoyable blog.

    With utmost sincerity,

  2. And I meant to say that even though it took 3 muslins, this dress is smashing on you. I think I'm going to sign up for Whipstitch's online pattern making class. Have you seen that?