Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Otto 80s Dress

This is the Verona tunic from otto 2/2011. I added a good bit of length to the skirt pieces but none to the body. I probably should have measured as I think the drop waist is a little too long and the skirt was also a bit too long. As I was holding up the skirt trying to decide how much to take off the bottom I decided I liked the look of a little gathering on the side so I sewed a bit of elastic into each side instead. I'm still not completely sure about the overall look but its super comfy and I've gotten some really nice compliments on it so it will be around for the summer at least.
Here is a closeup of the side. Nothing fancy but I thought you might want to see what I did.
There are several tops in this otto with the same neck line construction. I was a little nervous about trying this at first but with interfacing and some careful pinning I think it is lovely. It has also kept its shape through several wearings and washings. I think I will have to make the 3/4 sleeve top version for the fall.
Lastly, the dress on the hanger. Thank goodness it looks better on right?

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