Friday, April 29, 2011

tank top

Its no secret that I sew more for my daughter and myself then I do my son or husband. That said any time I ask my Elijah what he would like for me to make him he says tank tops. Now I'm not a huge fan of boys in tank tops so I made these. He likes his but informed me that no that was not a tank top. Then I tried up sizing the free otto one which ended up being a wadder. Thankfully, before I had time to make another attempt the preview for otto 3/2011 came out and I saw that they had made a bigger boys tank top.
This is a size 134 with the shoulders modified from lap shoulders to regular seams and an inch or so added to the bottom.
I like the fit and it went together easily. I even figured out a super easy way to do the binding. Now that I know it works I will take pictures next time.
While I'm still not a tank top fan he loves it and one of the big reasons I sew is to make things that my kids love.

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