Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yardsale Skrit Save

I'd like to begin this post by saying that I think Heather Ross is a wonderful fabric designer. With that out of the way I will tell you that I have checked Weekend Sewing out of my local library 3 different times and had 3 awful experiences. The first two were completely unsalvageable kimono dresses so this time I decided to try a different pattern. I picked the yard sale skirt. I mean really is an 6 gored wrap skirt how hard can it be right? Right?

Now I know what your thinking and your right that does not look like an 6 gored long wrap skirt at all does it? So let me tell you what happened. I cut out a large since my waist was at the very bottom measurement for a large. Then I decided to fancy it up by doing this fancy bit with my tailors tack foot which may have caused slightly larger seam allowances. So when I tried it on it only overlapped by about 2in which is pretty indecent. It also hit at the widest part of my calf. I'm a runner so my calves are large and do not need the extra attention.
So I decided to shorten it from the top thus adding to the waist and making it a better length. Seems good right? Well not so much. The other problem is that I have a pretty high waist but prefer to wear skirts at my hips but the wrap waist just will not stay low it kept riding up and looking messy. At this point I would have thrown it away if I hadn't loved the fabric so much. Its one I had lusted over for months and finally bought at an end of bolt sale. I should have made a muslin first but again how hard could a wrap skirt really be right?
So I gave up entirely on the wrapping and cut off two of the gores so that I could hide a seam beside a bit of detail work and make I nice slightly twirly knee length skirt. I didn't feel like adding a zipper and could shimmy the waist over my hips just fine so I borrowed the waistband piece from my jalie yoga pants pattern and made this skirt.
The good news is after all that I do love the skirt. I'm even wearing it today. As for Weekend Sewing I will not be checking it out again. My husband says he wishes he could put it on a list of banned library books for me so I won't be tempted. I don't think I will though. I know that a lot of this was my fault and not the pattern itself. I'm sure the patterns work well for some people but 3 frustrating experiences later and I'm done.

Let me add that it was pointed out to me that I forgot to check the errata online. Wish I had but I think the errata is just proof that more patter testing should have been done. Remember ladies once you put a book out there it is out there for good so make sure things are well edited and patterns are well tested.

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  1. I heard that there was a second edition of this book recently, but when I bought mine, there was no intention of a second edition with the fixing the pattern/fabric/direction errors to be fixed. If you ever feel like taking a chance on this pretty, but horrid book again, check out the Weekend Sewing group on Flickr. In the discussions section, two members have got to extensive lengths to copile all of the errate. HR has some cute fabrics, but the book is a sad experience. Your skirt save is gorgeous!