Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Extra Fabric

Do you remember my Easter dress? It turned out beautifully after all the fittings but man did it take a lot of fabric. Add to that the fact that I splurged on nicer fabric it was not a cheap dress. That's OK I'm trying to learn that if I want nice results it helps to use a nice product. I mean really nothing would look good made out of the super cheap Walmart poly. I did really want to use the scraps though. The thing about the Crepe is that it requires a lot of fabric to get all the needed pieces but does not use the full width of all the fabric.
Enter the Oliver + S tea party dress. It was perfect bc its made of a number of smaller pieces. I was able to squeeze a 3T with added length out of my scraps with barely a chard left.
I think this is a very cute pattern. I made a 3T adding 3 inches to the middle of the skirt at the notch. I'm pleased with this but think I will add it to the bottom instead next time to up the twirl factor. I also just did a rolled hem at the bottom instead of using the facing. I'm not a big fan of hemming things by hand so I'm not a big fan of the bottom facing.
I'm sure that I will make this pattern again. I've already got ideas bouncing around in my head.

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