Thursday, May 5, 2011

Market Blouse

This is my second go at a Lisette Pattern. It is the Market Blouse from the same pattern that I made this skirt from. The skirt has been in heavy rotation in my wardrobe ever since despite the fact that it must be ironed to lay correctly. I have a feeling that the blouse will as well. It was meant to be a wearable muslin so I used some cheap pink swiss dot that was left over after a total wadder last year. I like the way it came out though and it so light and airy that it will be great for the hot summer here in the South.
I made a 14 in the chest tapering to a 16 at the waist with 16 sleeves. I also added a bit to the sleeve binding (wish I could remember how much) and 3 inches to the length. I should point out that there is nothing magical about 3 inches except that my clear plastic ruler is 3 inches wide so its easy for me to add 3 inches. I also followed this advice and cut two of the button band and facing pieces instead of using interfacing. I had a little trouble positioning the buttons so I used a glues stick to hold them in place while I sewed them down.
My original plan was to make another of these in white to go with I skirt I own but I don't plan to now. On me it looks better untucked and the skirt needs a tuck in shirt so I'm going to try a different blouse for that. I may try it as a dress one of these days though. If I make it again I think I'm going to make the sleeves a size bigger. I have broad shoulders and larger arms so I think that I might like the look of that just a bit more. I really like this one as is though.


  1. That came out nice! Not bad for a muslin.

  2. I really like how your top turned out! The non-magical 3 inches looks to be the perfect added length.

  3. Stephanie, I really like it! I don't think I bought that pattern but I need to go get it. I really love yours. I will have to add to the sleeves too, because my arms are rather cuddly. So I am glad to see yours on a real person. You look beautiful!

  4. Hi Stephanie- I left a note for you on Flickr, but we need your photo permission changed to "public" so everyone can see it. Thanks!