Monday, May 16, 2011

Portfolio Dress

This is my second Lisette pattern. I bought 3 of the 4 when they were on sale recently. I've already posted about the Market Blouse and Skirt both of which I was quite pleased with. This time I decided to make the dress version of the Portfolio pattern. I was feeling a little more hesitant about this one because I've seen some versions that look way to mumu or house dress like for my tastes. I really liked this version though so I choose similar fabric for mine.
Mine is made from yard dyed tiny hounds tooth check fabric from I made a 14 in the chest tapering out to a 16 thought the waist and hips with size 16 arms. I like the fit but think I would have been just fine in a 14 all over. Its super comfy though and I like the way it looks.
The pattern itself is well written and I was pleased with how the pockets and cuffs came together. The neck gave me a good bit of trouble. For no good reason though it was just flitzy and I wanted to finish quickly. I didn't even have to add length to this one.
I'm saving the pattern but doubt I will make another one any time soon. Too many other things to try. There are some nice looking denim ones in the flickr group so maybe this fall. I won't be making the pants though. They just are not my style for so many reasons.


  1. Love the dress! It looks great on you. I agree about the pants. They draw a little too much attention to the hips for me.

  2. It looks great on you! I love the fabric you used!

  3. i saw this on the SW photo pool, i LOVE it. it's so sleek and mod but still looks so amazingly comfortable... you have sold me on my first lisette pattern :)