Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Romper Time

A few weeks ago Emily found a romper at Target and begged me to buy it for her. I made her very mad and said no. I really don't buy much of her clothing these days as I enjoy sewing way too much for that. Instead I promised to make her one. The challenge being that when she is at the Y she is expected to handle going potty with no help so I didn't want anything with straps that had to be unfastened.

Then I was thinking of something like this but toned down and one piece. At about the same time Kori posted a picture of the rompers she had made her daughter and I was sold. Too bad she wasn't selling a pattern bc the paypal would have been sent before I gave it even a second thought. Hopefully she will get that tutorial done one of these days.

Mine are still a little different. I used the top from the Ms. Madaline pattern and the bottom from the baby romper in otto 3/2011. I added just a little width to the dress top since she would need to get in and out through it and shirred the neck and arms instead of putting in elastic. I added length to the romper but then ended up having to take it right back out. It was designed for diaper room and Emily does not need that.

I love it. She has worn it once and won't pick it again bc she does not want to be "dorable" she wants to be beautiful. Hopefully she will get over that soon.

I think she looks both adorable and beautiful but I'm just her mommy so what do I know right?

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  1. You don't need that other tutorial. (I like yours better!)