Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sudoku Anyone?

Do you ever want a pattern so badly that you simply have to buy a back issue of Ottobre. You see I didn't have an otto subscription in 2009 and truth be told when 1/09 came out I didn't really see what the big deal was. The only thing that bugged me was the Sudoku skirt. At first it only bugged me bc I could not figure out how it worked. Then I started to see so many cute ones on the sewingmama's runway that I couldn't take it anymore.

Turns out that while it is a time consuming project it is actually not all that hard if you take your time and mark your pieces. I took a bunch of pictures of the process just to prove it too you.

It's a 8 gored skirt with 3 tiers in each gore. Sounds complicated but its not. Start by cutting 8 of each piece at the longest length. Then arrange them so that like fabrics are not side by side.
Then you will decide what length to cut each piece so that each tier has one of each length but in a different order then the tier on either side. Label each piece with its gore and length before cutting then leave them labeled until the gores are sewn together.

Emily enjoyed this part.
Here are both of the skirts I made in two tiny little piles. They take up a lot more space now.
I choose to gather all the pieces with my gathering foot before putting the gores together. Just keep them in order.
Next sew each gore together and finish the seams. At this point I took the labels off the bottom to pieces of each gore.
Now sew the gores together but do not sew gore 1 to gore 8. Finish the seams then add the bottom ruffle and top yoke.
Then sew the side seams and add waist elastic. I pulled mine pretty tight so that skirt would stay up. That is part of why I used a wider band then the pattern called for. I figure this way I can just cut the elastic off and add looser elastic if needed.

Emily was not in much of a modeling mood when I tried to take modeling pictures. This skirt has amazing twirl power though. I used a bunch of leftover pink fabric from my scrap box to make two of these. One for us an done for the toddler swap. All of the fabric in both skirts is leftover from other projects.

Hope that was helpful. I plan to do another one in shades of purple one of these days and love the idea of doing a Christmas one.

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