Monday, May 30, 2011

A Tale of Three Tops

One of the things I love about sewing my own clothing it the ability to modify a style I like in order to make it work for me. When I first started I made garments following patterns exactly and then labeled a pattern good or bad based on the fit. Needless to say most patterns were bad. As I've gotten a bit better I've learned how to add and subtract fabric from a pattern as needed to get a fit that I like.

Enter Onion 2024 a twist front tank pattern with no English directions and only one useful picture. Add to that I'd only seen two finished pictures. One on a very skinny mama and one on a mama who I swear looks great in everything. I liked the look of it though so I got it for myself for Mother's Day.

Here is attempt number 1. There was absolutely no way I could wear a bra with it and I felt horribly overexposed without one. So I spent some quality time pondering the pattern piece and decided some more fabric in the middle. I carefully cut the pattern piece in half then slashed and spread the middle, traced that piece again and taped them together.
That lead to this muslin. Made out of fabric that was supposed to be pink but is actually the same color as my skin and see through. It was closer. You can see it covers more of the dress form label then the first. It still didn't cover my bra though and pulled a bit so I decided it needed more fabric on the top of the cup area as well. Cut slashed and spread again.
Leading to this top which I love. Its out of brown cotton Lycra and it covers my bra well including the straps. I've worn it twice but have yet to get a good model shot. I know from my pictures you'd think I don't care but the first time I got deodorant all over it and the second my daughter threw up on me. Pretty sure no one wants a picture of that. I'm going to make the dress version soon though so hopefully I'll get some good pictures then. Now that I have the process down I'll also try to get some shots of that.

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