Saturday, June 25, 2011

Abby's Dress

Emily's good friend Abby had her 4th Birthday party today. Lately I've been trying to make most of the presents that we give to our little friends. This is somewhat self serving as it allows me to be creative and also keeps me from having to venture into the toy department of my local Target but the gifts also seem to be well received so I plan to keep it up.

This dress is my version of design S from the Japanese pattern book Girly Style. I've been just picking styles out of this book that I like rather then going in order and as I was trying to figure out some of the finer points for this dress it dawned on me that the directions or at least the drawings are a bit cumulative. So there is a tidbit for all of you in blog land. It may be easier to start at the beginning and work to the end of this particular book. Also there are no line drawings of the backs of dresses in this book like there are on most American patterns.  Not usually a big deal except that I had a bit of trouble figuring out how their little belt was supposed to work and if the dress had a zipper.   Oh Well, I think I manged to work things out pretty well just the same.

I had both of these fabrics in my stash.  The one with the white background was a gift from a friend and the pink one was a Christmas gift this year.  Yes I get fabric for Christmas.  My husband wraps my gifts in it because he knows me so well.  Please try not to gag too much upon reading that.

The only major change I made was doing a fully lined bodice so that I didn't have to do quite so much bias binding.  I still used self made binding at the neck though too help bring things together a bit more.
Without a great idea of how the back was supposed to work I decided on an invisible zipper because I'm pretty good at putting them in.  I also decided to do a wide back tying sash instead of the narrow belt in the book.  I liked the look of the one in the book but couldn't figure out how it was supposed to attach and didn't want to give a dress with a loose little belt to a 4 year old.

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.  Hopefully Abby and her mommy will like it too.  I think Emily is still a little upset that its not for her. 

If your waiting with baited breath I can also tell you that I think I have a wearable pair of shorts to get pictures of soon.  

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  1. Darling dress! Ahnalin has a birthday party to attend on Saturday and she wants me to sew a skirt for her friend. I guess I had better get busy!