Friday, June 10, 2011

Girl Shorts

Shorts have become a bit of an issue with little Emily. She prefers dresses to put it mildly and thinks that all shorts and pants are for boys and babies. However, she is tall and mostly legs so some things need to have shorts under them. Enter the concept of girl shorts. Unfortunatly, girl shorts is a poorly defined term in our lives. Having pink stitching for example does not make shorts girl shorts. Neither does having a ruffle at the bottom. She has agreed to these little shorts from otto 3/2011. Too bad she is in the largest size.

 Behold the girl shorts!!!!!!  I added some width to the blue ones but I think I like the fit of the pink ones better.  These things go together so easily so if your looking for something to put under dresses you should give them a go.

Now wish me luck as I'm working on making some mama shorts and those are a bit of a fitting nightmare.  Hopefully I'll be able to show you some soon.  I'm sewing the 3rd muslin tonight though if it isn't perfect I'm going to start again with a different idea for altering the first one.  I've also ordered a book about fitting pants that will be here next week.

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