Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hammer Time?

So how did I end up deciding to make a pair of hammer pants? I mean I was not just alive but am well able to remember the awesome tie dye hammer pant and top outfit that I wore to 7th grade in 1991. Come to think of it I bet their in a box in the attic maybe I should go look for it. Oh well its late and I'm comfy so not tonight. Anyways it started when Sal on Already Pretty wore a black pair. At the time I didn't care for them. Even swore this was a trend I would be ignoring but the image stuck.

Then I decided I needed something shorter for yoga. I wanted something less tight then leggings though. So I started checking out these at Athleta. I was not interested in them but not their price tag. Finally, I stumbled upon Kwik Sew 3835 while putting together my order for a coop and decided to give them a try.

This is the second pair. I made a size Large the first time and they were way too much. I salvaged that pair but taking off the waist and shortening the rise by a few inches. They were not a wader but are also not photo worthy. These are a size Medium with the rise of a Small made out of some super cheap ITY knit from a fabric.com sale.
I'm not going to make another pair right away but I wore them to yoga and they were great. Easy to move in but not skin tight. I think next time I will probably use rayon lycra knit or at least a solid color. I'd also like to try the tank with built in bra one of these days. I like that the pattern came with both pieces. It bugs me when two or three garments are featured prominently on a pattern envelope but you have to buy them separately. I guess that has to happen with pants patterns sometimes but it still bugs me.  So have you made anything lately that you weren't quite sure of going in?

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  1. Um, that seriously just made my day! I know where you can pick up some dance moves to go with those pants... :)