Monday, June 20, 2011

Hi Kitty Romper

I actually made this romper right after I made this one. I thought it was just about the cutiest thing ever but Emily informed that she did not like it at all and would not be wearing it. Grumble. I put it in her drawer and hoped she'd change her mind. She ended up picking it this Saturday when she had a party at a play place. I made her pick between her three shorts outfits and I'm pretty sure she picked this one because she hadn't worn it before.  Oh well at least its been worn once now.  Its a little big so hopefully it will fit again next summer.  If not maybe baby Meredith will like it.
I got the basics of for this one from the big girl romper tutorial on crafterhours. I made a few changes though. First I used the girl shorts pattern for the bottom part.  I also wanted to make sure she could get in and out on her own so I made really long straps and then put elastic in them instead of doing the tie ones.  After all we want the little girl to be able to go potty all by herself if she needs to.  I just did rows of shirring at the top which seems to work just fine for Emily.  Lastly, I made a cotton Lycra yoga style waistband instead of using elastic.  She does end up wearing this a little low but she puts all waistbands below her toddler tummy anyways so it works.
Now onto way too many action shots.  I'm trying to become better at using my camera and editing pictures so I had a good time playing with these.

Too bad Emily got tired of having her picture taken.

Oh and don't worry I'm still working on my shorts pattern. Hopefully I'll have a new and improved wearable muslin later this week.

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