Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Introducing Dolly Emily

Better knows as "Dowy Emly" to her mama big girl Emily. I started working on Dolly Emily back in January. I had come across this blog and fallen in love with the doll that she made her daughter. You see I made a Waldorf style doll last year and if I'm being honest I'm just not a huge fan and neither is Emily.  I've also made flat rag dolls before but didn't love them either. The problem of course was that when I found the blog with what I wanted I also quickly discovered that she uses her own pattern. The closest I could find was this vintage doll pattern on Etsy. So I ordered the pattern and became overwhelmed.

I sewed the arms, legs and torso together in February and then she sat in my sewing room for months. Poor big girl Emily would sit on the guest bed cuddling Dolly Emily's torso.  Trust me when I tell you that is both a sad and disturbing site.  So I decided it was time to be brave and finish her up. Big girl Emily found me working on her and kept me motivated to get her hair, face, and clothing finished in just a few days.  She even stood and watched me work on her face and hair.
The pattern is a reprinting of an old transfer pattern that is now public domain. While I love the style of the doll the directions are almost nonexistent. Not that you shouldn't buy the pattern just be prepared to figure a lot out on your own. I spent a lot of time staring at the bybido blog while making her face and used the hair instructions from this book to make her hair.
Big girl Emily was thrilled when I finally finished Dolly Emily.  Dolly Emily's clothes are made from fat quarters that I got during Heather Ross's studio sale.  She even has on little matching panties.  Big girl Emily reminds me that they also need matching dresses but she is going to have to wait just a bit.
I really wanted to make Dolly Emily pink glasses since big girl Emily has pink glasses.  I thought about making them out of felt but ended up deciding just to embroider them on so that they would not get lost.
Dolly Emily got drug all over the back yard.  I cringed just a bit watching this but she seems to be holding up well and I made her to be played with right?

Here they are going night night together.  Big girl Emily looked at me and said "Where is her sleeping dress," when I tucked them in bed.  I promised to make one soon.  I have a feeling Dolly Emily is going to need quite the wardrobe.  I finished her up as part of the Sew Weekly UFO challenge.  Perhaps they will have a dolly wardrobe challenge soon.


  1. What a great doll! It's so sweet you made matching glasses.

  2. This dolly is so sweet. I had one like this that I loved to death. I especially like the glasses.