Saturday, June 18, 2011

Making Progress Shorts

I'm working on shorts. That is really the best way to put that too. You see shorts are hard because the crotch curve really has to fit properly as do the waist and butt. Now I suppose if you fit the size chart perfectly this might be no big deal but I am not a curvy girl and lack some needed junk in the trunk so this is quite the challenge.

I'm working with Kwik Sew 3614 which is a basic fitted shorts pattern. Below if my first muslin. It is a size large with no alterations. They did not fit well. The waist was too high and too big where it hit among other things.

Initially I decided to take all of the rise out of the middle. This lead to a muslin that was too tight so I decided to lower the top and then take more of a wedge out of each side. The crotch curve itself was pretty close to OK there was just a lot of extra fabric.

Once I got these changes done and another muslin that I thought was pretty good I decided to go for a wearable muslin. I made it out of some leftover fabric from a while ago. They are close. Annoyingly close. They fit better then most of my ready to wear shorts. Looking at the pictures though you will notice that they are all from the front. That is because the back is still a bit too big. The waist is also still just a touch too loose though it hits wear I like now. I'm going to do another muslin later today with  an inch removed from the back of the pattern. I got the book Pants For Real People and it is proving very useful to this process. Fingers crossed. I've got big plans if I can just get the pattern right.

Wish me luck. Hopefully I'll have some better shorts to show you next week. Strangely, I'm enjoying the puzzle of this. 

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  1. I think the fit looks pretty good on these. Usually you want to take extra length out of the top part of the pattern, but watch out for how it will affect your fly and pockets. You're doing a great job. Once you get the fit just right on these, you can make all kinds of shorts. You can also lengthen them to make capris and pants.