Monday, June 27, 2011

One more one yard wonder.

The Sewing Mama's challenge this for June was to sew a Christmas gift. Good idea considering that I always like the idea of making gifts but Christmas usually sneaks up on me and I end up not making many simply because I run out of time. That said its also hard for me to plan that far ahead. I decided to pull out my trusty copy of One Yard Wonders to see what struck my gift giving fancy. I choose the jewelry roll for my Aunt Janet who likes to go on cruises and is willing to use just about anything that I make her.

The pattern for this product was pretty good.  I did leave out most of the interfacing.  It just didn't seem necessary for the pockets.  I only used it for the outer body piece.  Some of the instructions threw me off at first but it was very much a just follow the instructions and it will all work out in the end situation.

This was also a great project to make from scraps as all of the pieces were pretty small. This one is made from leftovers from Abby's dress.
I think I have it folded correctly here. I do wish the book had included a picture of it all folded up. I'm pleased with the finished product though. I'm glad that the challenge was specifically to make a Christmas gift. Otherwise I would be tempted to keep this for myself. Instead I will likely make one for myself before our next vacation.