Saturday, June 4, 2011

Perfect Summer Dress?

Am I the only one out there who didn't know about Sew Weekly? I may well have been but what a neat site and I love that they do weekly challenges. Not that I will be able to do every week but still what a neat idea. This week's challenge was to create your perfect summer dress. Great for me because I love summer dresses. When I think of dress perfection though it has to be comfy and body skimming so it feels a bit like a nightie but is pretty enough that people don't think I've left the house in my pjs. What do you think of when you think of the perfect summer dress?

This one is from Onion 2024. I used the modifications that I made to the pattern for the brown top. Then I traced the longest dress option. I wanted a maxi dress though so I added 11in between the shirt bottom. This was easy to do I just pinned the pieces 11in apart and cut the skirt so that it was an a line from the top of the first piece to the bottom of the second. I did not want a super full skirt plus I only had 2.5 yards of fabric so I needed to get to skirt pieces out of one fabric width. Speaking of fabric this stuff is from Emma's One Stock and while it was more expensive then I typically order it feels so wonderful that I am hugely tempted to order some of the other prints.

I thought I'd include a few pictures of the process this time as well. I can't read the directions for this pattern so these are just pictures of how I did it with no promise that they are the best or most correct way. They did work though.

Above is part of the front bodice. I took this one to remind everyone to put one strap seam side up and one seam side down. That way they will both be seam down when the top is finished.

Here is what the top looks like sewn together. There is a picture of this in the pattern but I went ahead and highlighted the stitching for you. Be sure to mark the center top and center bottom of each piece before sewing.

Here is what it looks like turned right side out.

I went ahead and carefully pinned it twisted with the sides matched. Then you should sandwich the straps between the back pieces. I forgot on this one though so I just sewed them to the back after it was put together. That worked just fine as well.

Next I sandwich both front layers between the both back layers to create a clean finish at the arm.

I an not good at gathering with clear elastic so I just gather the skirt the old fashion way. I carefully pin the bottom parts of the twist side by side at the center front and then distribute the gathers .

I also though you might get a kick out of seeing the original pattern piece and the full bust/bra wearing adjusted piece together. As you can see my version takes a lot more fabric. You can also see that I wrote Use This One in big letters on the final piece. Trust me when I tell you that you will save yourself a lot of heart ache if you label things as you go through the muslin process. After a while things are going to start to look the same and you won't be able to remember what color marker you used on the final pattern.

Hope you like it. I'd love the here what your summer dress requirements are.

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  1. how cool, that bodice is like a brain teaser! i've never heard of onion, i am tres intrigued....