Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back Tie Bow Dress

Have I told ya'll before that I love testing patterns. If not let me put that out there to the universe on a whole. I love testing patterns. Need someone to drop everything and sew up your new design super quick? I'm your girl. Want it done more then once? Sure! Want me to do it again with fitting changes? No problem.

Only the first question applied to this pattern though. The mama who designed it had a tester drop out because of machine problems and I got to step in. Not to pat myself on the back too much but I got it in the morning and had this beauty finished by the evening with notes to the designer. Pictures had to wait till the next morning because the model had to go to bed though.

Presenting the back tie bow dress!
Isn't it just to die for?
It was also easy to make and the pattern is well written with lots of pictures.
If you come here often I can guarantee you that you will be seeing more of these this fall. Probably for gifts as well. The way the straps work make fit a little more flexible too.
Just for cuteness factor here is a dripping wet Emily trying it on right out of the bath tub. She stood in the sewing room in her panties waiting for me to finish hemming.
Just to be clear I did not design the pattern nor did I get paid for testing or writing about it. I did however get the pattern itself for free since I was testing. I may be cool but I can't sew a pattern I don't have. Here is a link to the designers shop

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  1. Super quick is an understatement! Thank you sooo much for testing my pattern, for your evaluation and especially for your enthusiasm! And for your special model - so cute the pic right-out-of-the-bath :) See you on SMs.