Saturday, July 23, 2011

Faux Lace Shorts

First off I know these are not great pictures.  Its really more my fault then my husbands.  We tried to do some outside but for some reason I had my hands in my pockets so they just looked rumpled.  Then since it was so hot we did them in his office but he never stood up so I looked like a giant making a face in all of them.  Hence the creative cropping. 

Now on with the post.

I have been toying with the idea of lace shorts for a bit now.  They've been all over the fashion magazines for a while now and while I like the idea of them I really don't wear short shorts.  I'm pretty long so when I put on short shorts they look almost indecent and make me self conscious.  These are not real lace though, they are a funny lace print fabric that I found on the super sale table at Hancock fabrics recently.  I think I paid $2/yard for it. 
The pattern is Kwik Sew 3854 which has gotten several good reviews on pattern review lately.  I do like the pattern but these took a good bit of fitting and I will still make changes to the next pair.  I think my big gripe is that Kwik Sew sizing is XS-XL instead of numbered sizes.  I fall somewhere between a M and L it seems.  I did muslin a M this time just too see how it would go since the other shorts took so many alterations.  I did not go well though.  They were a touch tight before the waist band and then when I put it on they were really bad with the front borrowing quite a bit of fabric from the back.  I did not feel like doing another muslin though so I fitted these a bit at a time while sewing them.  That went well except that I lost track of what I took from where so I had to guess a bit when altering the pattern. 

I took a bit out of both sides and a good bit out of the crotch when fitting this pair.  I also sewed up the sides of the pockets so only the waistband opens up.  This helps with the fit and makes the pockets functional.  For the pattern changes I removed the back darts and adjusted the rise.  Here's to hoping it goes well. 

I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture or not but these are still a bit loose.  I swear the were looser when I wore them yesterday then when I fitted them on Tuesday.  This may be true though bc I gain and loose in my tummy first so if I'm up a few lbs that is always were it is.  I do like them though.  They are quite comfy.  I plan to make another pair or two bc I like the fit/feel of these better then the others and I rarely tuck shirts in anyways so I doubt people will really notice that I have 3 pairs of sailor shorts.  For that matter even if they did I can't imagine why that would be a big problem.

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