Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Back in the 90s I loved a good floral or polka-dot romper almost as much as a pair of overalls. Scoff if you want but I bet most of you owned at least one of these 3 garments back in the day. That said I was not super impressed when rompers started showing up in stores again recently. I mean I made this one and this one for my daughter but she is a 3 year old girl not a 34 year old woman. I did try a few on but they were all super low wasted and you can guess how great that looked right?  Now most people would assume that this meant it was time to leave well enough alone and continue working on finding/altering the perfect shorts pattern and um that's exactly what I did so just disregard anything below this point if you believe me.

Its also possible that while I was innocently glancing at a pattern book one day during a sale that McCall's 6362 caught my eye. Now I'm not sure how because the pictures on the envelope are down right awful but somehow it ended up in my stash just the same.
This version is a size L with lots of width removed. I probably should have just made a M but when the pattern made its way into my stash I had both kids with me and didn't look at the size chart before buying it. The fit of the top was a little weird and I really wanted it to cover a bra so I ended up pinning the front to my bra and altering from there. I got a pretty good fit this was but ultimately decided to wear it with a tank top anyways.
The fabric is the same shirting that I used for the skirt of Emily's bumblebee dress. I'm happy with the results though and I've worn it twice now. That said I'm still not totally sure how I feel about this look and the pattern has moved on to the goodwill pile.

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  1. I love it! And yep, I had several floral rompers in the 80s (back to the copying Betsey Johnson). Yours is darling and really looks great on you too.