Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mario Tank Tops

Dear Walmart this may come as a shock to you but 8 year old boys like Super Mario brothers. It would be so helpful if you would make some of the totally cute Mario shirts in boys sizes. As a side note it would also be super helpful the fabric used for the body of your shirts was not twisted.

Alas I am still not a fan of boys in tank tops or upcycling but Elijah loves both. He picked these out at Walmart and I whipped them up before our trip. OK technically speaking he picked them out, they sat around for a few weeks, the red one bled on the white one in the washing machine, then he bugged me till I made his tank tops.  At least he still likes it when I sew for him and boy was he pleased.

These are both based on the otto 3/2011 tank top pattern.  This is how I did the neck and arm binding.  Thanks for stopping by.

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