Saturday, July 30, 2011


Wow! July has flown by for me. I had so many grand plans for the One Pattern Many Looks Contest on patternreview that just didn't pan out. Lucky I ended up making a second pair of sailor shorts this week for my second entry. As luck would have it the Sew Weekly challenge this week is nautical so the shorts are pulling double duty.

These shorts are view B of kwik sew 3854 just like the fax lace shorts. I was able to recreate the fitting done to the first pair and transfer it to the pattern pieces. Amusingly enough I think this could end up being my TNT shorts pattern. As much work as I put into the others these just fit better and are more comfortable. Anyways I digress. I used stretch twill for this pair. I also made the waistband a bit narrower by taking large seam allowances on both sides.
For fun and for the nautical challenge I made a shirt as well.  Neil wanted me to show off the cool back so that is what the next picture is for.  I do think the back of the shorts looks pretty good though save the line where the shirt seam is rumpled.  I'll have to do better if I tuck things in but I'm not much of a tucker so I doubt that will be a big issue.
The rest of these are just purely for fun.  The shirt is Butterick 5497 view A.  Its made from a white and silver stripe rayon jersey from  I think I like the shirt.  I ended up sewing up the front and back gaps a bit though so that I didn't have to worry about flashing people.

Hope you like. I think I like both pieces and plan to wear them tomorrow. I'm also planning at least one more pair of these shorts though it will not be done for the contest. Those of you who have tried and tested (TNT) patterns I'm wondering did you pick them or did they pick you. I'm beginning to think that shorts patterns could be like cats. As in they pick you. This one seems to have picked me at the very least.

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